Muskoka is home to a diverse array of mental health practitioners working within service organizations and in independent practices, each with unique skills, training, clientele, and focus, as well as varying fees for service.



MiND-AID is here to help you sort through the confusing network of services, so you can choose the best resource to suit your situation and goals.

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Suicide Supports

Safety Planning

Trauma Supports


Disability Supports

Grief Counselling

Social Support

Financial Supports


Support Groups

Inpatient Care

Cultural Support

Child & Youth Worker

Legal Support

Homelessness Aid

Social Services

LGBTQ2S+ Supports

Social Worker

Addictions Supports

Family Planning

Victim Supports

Walk-in Clinic

Spiritual Support

MiND-AID exists to help you figure out each step toward feeling better. Not sure where to start or have a question ... we're here for that too.