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For when poop happens ... 

 Yes, you read that right. We started something called the "Poop Happens" Fund. 

This fund, also known as the Needs Fund, is for young people who are receiving support from a  MiND-AID Navigator and need some financial help with a cost along their mental health journey.


  • It's for the young man who has a counselling appointment but his car isn't currently working and he'll need a cab to get there. 


  • It's for the teen whose therapist recommended a book for their mental health but they can't afford to buy it.        

  • It's for those times when poop happens when young people are trying to access mental health supports in Muskoka.

MiND-AID is building a fund so we can have their back, no matter what hits the fan - but we can't do it without you.  Please contribute by clicking the donate button on this page and you'll be helping out when poop happens.

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